The engineer Ludwig Leybold, who has previously represented European machine manufacturers in Japan, sets up his own business, Leybold Co. LTD in Yokohama and Tokyo backed by start-up funds from SECO – the companies remaining closely related until today.


Following the untimely death of Ludwig Leybold, former SECO apprentice Kurt Meissner takes over the management of Leybold Co. LTD.


Following great losses due to a company director gambling with SECO capital, the business is converted into a limited liability company. SECO resumes its prosperous business with the aid of the new shareholders’ capital contributions.


Political turbulences in World War I: Japan and Germany as enemies.

Kurt Meissner and SECO employee Heinrich Steinfeld become prisoners of war. They remain in prison on the island Shikoku for 62 months. Finally they are allowed to return to Tokyo and Yokohama, where they resume their company’s business in 1920.


Germany faces hyperinflation following the end of World War I. It takes over a year to stabilize the business.